Our Team

A noteworthy leader in the security sector, Tristan Haslock’s expertise is second to none. Dedicated to his craft, his expertise covers a breadth of areas including, but not limited to, close protection services, security and operational management for large corporations in the UK, and training Close Protection Officers to an impeccable standard.

With a career spanning nearly 25 years, Tristan’s demonstrated experience in this sector proves his ability in the field, and as such, has enabled him to manage security teams for multiple UK businesses and events. One such example is the famed Notting Hill Carnival, for which Tristan was headhunted to manage a number of security teams following the successful security management of multiple construction projects in the UK via Clipfine Holdings Ltd.

Tristan’s clientele boasts Middle Eastern Royal Families, PEP’s, music artists from around the world and the CEO’s of Fortune 500 Companies, to name a few.

Whilst working with Clipfine Holdings, some of Tristan’s notable accolades include Bovis Land Lease (One Hyde Park, BBC West One & No. 6 Grosvenor Square), Sir Robert McAlpine (McLaren Woking, Milton Court & Kensington Palace Hotel), Balfour Beatty (Chelsea Barracks), SKANSKA (Belmarsh West Prison), and BAM! (Great Ormond Street Hospital).

The idea for City Bodyguard came to Tristan one evening in London while returning home from work. He noticed a woman shouting after a man that had stolen her bag and with no chance of catching him, the only thing he could did was make sure she was okay until Police came, but they didn’t as the suspect had already disappeared. This experience stayed with Tristan, and he considered how these situations and worse, could be at best, be prevented, or deterred. Thus, the idea of City Bodyguard was born.

During his career, Tristan has built close-knit relationships with the Metropolitan Police, local councils, and international private agencies. Tristan’s commitment to go above and beyond for his role has earned him the respect of many counterparts in this industry and will provide a strong foundation for City Bodyguards growth, and development as an industry-breaking, security solution.