About Us

With London being one of the most exciting, vibrant, and culturally diverse cities in the world, this city steeped in history attracts nearly 27.1 million international visitors every single year. With nearly 9 million people living in London alone, our communities are faced with new challenges, that require a new, innovative way of thinking to address.

Despite all its attractions and benefits, our city has been troubled in recent years. Whilst Government funding and Council Tax funding to Police Crime Commissioners has increased compared with the financial year ending March 2021, funding for national priorities (including Serious Violence funding) and police capital funding decreased by 4.7% and 15.0% respectively. This strain on police funding is one of multiple catalysts that, even with London in lockdown across most of 2020/21, reported criminal offences against persons remained close to all-time highs of 218,050 across 2020/21 (the high being 222,040 in 2019/20).

A closer look at the data highlighted some very alarming increases; on the 4th of November 2021, The Guardian released an article confirming the number of rape offences in England and Wales were the highest ever recorded, according to official figures. Police stated that although there was a fall in overall crime levels driven by coronavirus restrictions, the Office for National Statistics said recorded sexual offences had increased by 8%.

With nearly 61,158 offences committed in 2021, and high-profile cases of women like Sarah Everard and Bella Nicandro’s becoming commonplace in mainstream media, it is clear to the woman of our country, and to the United Kingdom as a whole that there is a problem. It is time to give the people of London their freedom of movement without fear back.

The first technology of its kind in the world, City Bodyguard aims to fill this void and bring confidence back to the people of London. Our easy-to-use City Bodyguard application can provide immediate response units made up of Close Protection Officers and HCPC/IHCD qualified Paramedics at the tap of a single button. Utilising Google Maps location technology, our response units can locate your position immediately and arrive at your side within six minutes – This is our guarantee to you as a valued customer.

Launching in the areas of Knightsbridge and Belgravia, Central London with plans to expand rapidly, our response units are strategically positioned throughout the area to make sure no call for help is too far away.

Whether you are a woman walking alone at night and feel like you’re being followed, a business owner trying to defuse a situation between customers, or a resident of the area in a burglary situation, our teams of experienced staff are on hand to assist you at a moment’s notice. Your peace of mind, just one tap away.

Our Mission

Combining the expertise of our directors with a concrete expansion strategy for the company and workforce alike, our ultimate goal is to expand the working parameters of our teams to eventually cover the entire London area, and in the long term, offer protection to the whole of the UK. By securing the streets our communities lack the confidence to walk in, we can reinvigorate the public’s perspective of areas that lack opportunity and infrastructure. Our goals create a win-win solution for both the public, and our Public Services, aligning our focuses to provide a safer city environment for all.

Our police and public services are currently over-burdened and under-resourced. City Bodyguard work as an extension of public services by providing a cost-effective, safe, and secure solution for residents, individuals, and businesses alike.